December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017...

Merry (belated) Christmas y'all. I hope your Christmas was amazing and that you were surrounded by friends and family. 

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. I spent most of the weekend before the big day doing things I love - helping my Mama wrap presents, baking Christmas goodies, and watching Christmas movies. This was the third year of our Christmas Eve tradition of having appetizers for supper and I went all out with a huge spread of food. There was SO much leftover, apparently I overestimated how much the 6 of us could eat (my brother and his family spend Christmas Eve with his in-laws). This was also the 4th (or 5th?) year of our Annual Christmas Eve Twinkle Tour. Just before we were about to head out our family friends stopped by to pick up a baking tray I had made up for them so we had a quick visit with them before heading out on our Twinkle Tour. We always make hot chocolate before we head out so we can sip hot chocolate while looking at all the lights - this was the first year that Graycie didn't spill her hot chocolate all over my SUV! I had told the girls to avoid looking at the 'Grand Finale' house, a house in town that goes all out every single year, as we drove past streets where you could catch a glimpse of it and Graycie kept thinking every house was the 'Grand Finale' house. When we got back to the house the girls and my sister headed home to get ready for Santa to come (and so my sister could assemble the desks that the girls got for Christmas - she was up until 3 am!). I went to bed around midnight and put on Christmas Vacation to watch - pretty sure I made it 10 minutes in and I was out. 

This year was the first time in forever that I actually 'slept in' on Christmas morning. I didn't wake up until 7:00 - most years I can't sleep at all! I guess that's what happens when you completely exhaust yourself by spending two full days on your feet cooking and baking before Christmas. I did some last minute tidying so I wouldn't have to worry about it later on in the day and then settled in on the couch and drank coffee out of a festive mug while it was still dark outside and the tree was lit up. I LOVE getting up early on Christmas morning to enjoy the darkness - it reminds me of my childhood because we would get up at 3:00/4:00 and open gifts while it was still pitch black outside and everything was lit up from the Christmas lights - they just make me so happy. I hauled all of my presents upstairs and then helped my Mama carry all of hers out of the spare bedroom - there was barely any room left on the living room floor. My Mama goes overboard every year just like I do. Once my sister and nieces arrived we just had to wait for my brother and his family to get to the house. It was torture for my nieces to see all of their presents but not be able to open any so finally we left them open up their 'stockings' that my Mama had put together for them. That occupied them until the rest of the family showed up because they had L.O.L Dolls to unwrap and that takes sooooo long.

This was Q's first Christmas and he got completely spoiled. He wasn't very interested in unwrapping his presents but he did seem to love all of them! Everyone in the family was spoiled and we all got some great gifts. I can't wait to put mine to use! There was so much going on Christmas morning that I completely forgot about my DSLR (it was sitting on the counter, I just forgot to actually use it) so I only have iPhone photos from the whole day. Whooops!

I made mimosas and we drank those while we opened presents and then my Dad made his Annual Christmas Brunch. After brunch my parents still had to open up their presents, I think it was around 1:30 when we were finally done with all the presents. The rest of the day seemed to fly by. My SIL had made some dips and I had a ton leftover from Christmas Eve supper so we brought those out and snacked on them throughout the afternoon and then before we knew it it was time for Turkey and all the fixings - my favourite! My Mama always outdoes herself every year and we were all in food comas after supper. We kept up with our tradition of playing the Home Alone Drinking Game and then we tried out a new game my parents had given me - Hearing Things. It was lots of fun and there were lots of laughs. It is so hard to concentrate on what you're supposed to be doing in the game when you have the headphones on with the background noise! 
I was sad to see another Christmas go by so fast but I'm still in full on Christmas mode - watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, and eating all the Christmas goodies. The countdown to Christmas 2018 is officially on!

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