December 15, 2017

Holiday Bucket List 2017...

Are y'all having a hard time believing the fact that there are only two weekends left before Christmas? Because I sure am! And I don't really count next weekend as a full weekend because Christmas Eve is on Sunday. So that really only leaves three days of weekend time to get everything done before Christmas. Yikes!

I'm finally getting around to posting my 2017 Holiday Bucket List. A little late, I know. I have already crossed some of the items off but wanted to have a clean copy posted first. (Also, please ignore my terrible drawing 'skills' haha). 

 MN got to the GWN on Wednesday afternoon so things have been super busy around here. This morning we have to run into 'the city' super quick to grab a few things and then we are spending the day with my brother and sister in law (and nephew) playing games and having 'Mexican and Margaritas' night for supper (an old Christmas tradition that is being brought back this year). Then after supper we are going curling -  I can't wait! MN has never been before so I'm super excited for him to curl for the first time. He enjoys watching it on tv so I hope he likes it! It worked out so perfect that the local curling club is holding an open curling night tonight. 

MN has to head back to St.Paul on Sunday morning so we still have a couple of days to work on crossing some things off my list in between all of our other plans. Fingers crossed I make a good dent in it!
What's on your Holiday Bucket List?

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