December 29, 2017

Links + Love (December 2017)...

This peppermint scrub is everything. I received it as a Christmas gift from one of my work families last Christmas and finally found the link to the same one so I can make myself some more!

I finally got my hands on a couple jars of this at the end of November and I wish I could put it on everything. Now I just need to get some of this in my life. 

I received these Canada Olympic mitts as a Christmas gift from one of my work families and I LOVE them. I can finally put my 2010 Vancouver mitts into retirement. 

I've been living in this vest (in black) since October. I ordered this one at the end of November and it's perfect for the -40 weather we've had in SE SK for almost a week straight. Brrrr!

This game is so much fun to play! My entire family played it on Christmas night - from my parents to my nieces so it really is fun for the whole family. There were even tears during the game because it is SO funny to hear everyone trying to guess what their partner is saying.

I had included this bag on my Christmas Wish List and was lucky to be gifted in from MN. I am obsessed with it y'all. It is the perfect size for toting everything back and forth to work and would work great for throwing everything in for a day trip. Love it!

For some reason I usually only make this during the Christmas season (I should change that...) but I haven't had a chance to make it yet this year. I'm sure I'll enjoy it at some point in January though. I've even packaged it up before and given as gifts. So yummy!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ooh, I love the idea of the cinnamon honey butter on a sweet potato. I may need to try that!


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