January 25, 2018

Photo Dump Thursday (January 2018)...

A few things before we get into the actual post: 

1) Yesterday marked exactly six months until I turn 31 and I'm having a really hard time accepting that. The idea of turning 31 is way harder for me to deal with than the idea of turning 30. I need to plan a vacation around my birthday so I at least have that to look forward to! The Blue Jays play the Twins in Toronto on my birthday so I've been trying to convince MN and my siblings that we NEED to go. So far no luck...

2) I still haven't finished my 2018 Goals post and it's almost the end of January. I just keep adding more and more things to the list! I need to get it posted so I don't end up with a super long list that I'll never actually accomplish because there are just too many things. Adding it to my to-do list for this weekend so I just get it done. 

3) My nephew's first birthday is in three weeks and I have NO idea what to get him. He doesn't need clothes (he got tons at Christmas) and doesn't need toys - so what do I get?! Is giving money at 1 the perfect age to give since they don't know what they're getting anyways? I know exactly what I'm going to get him for Christmas and his second birthday, it's just this birthday that I'm stumped for ideas - help!

Last Ten Photo Dump 

Last night's supper. Stuffed Peppers (inspired by this recipe - I tweak it just a tiny bit). Soooo delicious and super filling. There are tons of leftovers in the fridge now! 
We've had pretty mild temperatures (around -15) in SE SK the last few days and since we went through weeks of -40 to -50  temps it's been very much appreciated! The hoarfrost showed up on the weekend, making everything look SO beautiful, and it's still hanging around! 
I tried out this Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner on Sunday night (peppers were 10 for $10 at the Coop last week so I stocked up for this meal and the stuffed peppers from last night). I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. I think next time I will put Greek seasoning over everything along with the marinade. 
Saturday night was my work Christmas party. We had drinks, ate supper, exchanged gifts, and played Cards Against Humanity. There were a few Cards Against Humanity newbies and I love playing with people who never have before just to see their reactions to some of the cards. I picked up the newest expansion pack at the beginning of the month so I now have every single card for the game! 
I took down Christmas on Saturday - everything except for the Christmas cards, those will stay up for awhile still. I would usually leave everything up a bit longer but this month has been a month of cleaning and organizing so I used my long weekend to get it (almost) all taken down and cleaned and rearranged my bedroom. 
I met up with friends in 'the city' last Thursday night for a belated Christmas get together. We had supper and exchanged gifts. We hadn't seen each other in awhile so it was a long supper - we were at the restaurant for over three hours just catching up. 
Babies in Snapchat filters - does it get any better than that?! 
Coincidentally, until this picture was taken last week the last time I got my hair trimmed was also the last time I did a Last Ten Photo Dump - back in September.  When I made my appointment for last week I thought I was doing really good at making it back to the salon for a trim in a decent time. Apparently 4 months isn't that decent... But considering I used to only get my hair trimmed once a year I'm still counting that as a win! 
These are the kind of pictures MN gets spammed with on a daily basis. If Krickit sleeps in bed with me I usually snap a picture of her in the morning when she's only half awake - resulting in this masterpiece. 
This candy. Y'all. So addicting and SO good. MN grabbed a bag while we were standing at the checkout line at Trader Joe's when I made him take me there to get Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and Hot Cocoa Stirring Spoons. I don't think the bag even lasted 24 hours. When he came to the GWN in December I had him bring three bags  - I gave two of them away so I had to ration the bag I kept for myself. They're finally all gone and I NEED more back in my life. 

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  1. 31... HA! I'm 35 in August.

    I find 1st birthdays hard to buy for. They're not old enough for the really fun things yet. Honestly though, I mostly buy children books for EVERY birthday so I would probably just go with books for a 1st birthday as well.


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