February 7, 2018

Currently (February 2018)...

Happy Wednesday y'all! I haven't made it to this little space of mine yet in February so I figured I should try to get a post in before I head to Minnesota for 4 days since I won't get a chance while I'm there to get anything done up for next week. 

I think I must be in the minority of people who feel like January flew by. I've seen sooo many comments about how long January was all over IG and FB and yet I *actually* think I blinked and it was February. This month is already flying by as well and with it being a short month (and a busy one!) I'm pretty sure March will be here before I know it. So before that happens I want to get a Currently post up for February. Here we go! 


Reading Unqualified (still). I actually put it to the side and read Everything You Want Me To Be at the end of January.  I bought it at the beginning of January with a gift card that I got for Christmas and had been planning on saving it for February, to read on the train to Minnesota, but I just couldn't wait. I also picked up Pretty Baby in early January and have been saving it for the train as well. And I ordered a couple books on Amazon to have for my train ride (this and this) - I knew that if I didn't buy any books now that I would just end up buying some in Target while I killed time waiting for my train to arrive so I decided to save myself money (because of the exchange rate) and just ordered them.  So now I have three books heading with me to Minnesota tonight and not one of them is the one I've already started (it's hardcover so I don't want to lug it all the way to Minnesota with me). Hopefully I'll finally get through it this month though!

Listening to an episode of Bones while I write this. I've been flying through the series (I've already seen the whole series at least twice) - I'd forgotten how much I love it!

Celebrating lots of birthdays this month. My brother and sister in law both had birthdays over the past week and my nephew's first birthday is coming up soon and his first birthday party is next weekend. I really can't believe he's almost one! Also celebrating that my favourite curling team won the Scotties on Sunday and is heading to the World Championship in March (and also celebrating the fact that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl because I'm Team Bridget Moynahan...) 

Watching Bones. I should be watching Stranger Things 2 . Maybe I should make that a February goal...

Working on some posts that I should have had up in January. I've been slacking! Eeek

Drinking sooooo much water. I've been trying realllly hard to make sure I'm drinking at least 80 ounces of water a day (and I know that's aiming low!). But y'all - I literally can't do anything because I'm heading to the bathroom every 15 minutes. The struggle is real! I definitely do great at work (with a lot of pee breaks) but I know I need to step it up at home. 

Waiting for some warm weather. It's been SO cold here for weeks upon weeks and I'm officially over it. It's supposed to be just as cold in Minnesota this weekend so I'm not even escaping the frigid temperatures. I need some sun in my life! 

Wearing pajamas at the moment because it's currently 5:00 am and I'm writing this from my warm, cozy bed. 

Anticipating a busy week next week. I'm actually only in my office for about 24 hours next week. I won't get to work until around 2:00 pm on Monday (and that's if my train is on time getting to Minot in the morning...), I have a conference in the Queen City on Thursday so I have to head up there on Wednesday afternoon and then I only work a half day on Friday because I'll be heading back to the Queen City not even 24 hours after I left. I'm tired just thinking about all the travel next week. 

Loving that I'm heading to the Twin Cities tonight. It's been over 5 weeks now since I've seen MN (and gone to Target... hahaha). 

Making a list of things I need to pack for this weekend. I'm heading to Minnesota tonight because MN is in a wedding on Saturday so my list of what I need to bring is even longer than usual. Anyone else out there a last minute packer like me? I usually start making my packing list days in advance but when it comes to the actual packing process I'm a bit of a procrastinator. I'm also a major overpacker so that doesn't help things... 
What have you been up to so far in February?

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