February 23, 2018

Links + Love (February 2018)...

Hi y'all! I haven't posted in over two weeks but I've got a few minutes to throw a quick Links + Love post together for February and hopefully I'll be back to posting a little more consistently in March.

I actually laughed out loud numerous times while reading this. I just love the Olympics!

You really love the Winter Olympics for someone who hates physical activity and the cold.
My lips have been so dry lately and nothing I applied was helping... until I finally remembered that I had this hidden away in a cupboard in my bathroom - it has totally saved my lips!

Image result for someecards done with winter
These are my newest addiction. I've never been a fan of Oreo's but I guess shrinking them and dipping them in fudge did the trick! I can't find them anywhere near me so when I head to Minot on Monday I will be grabbing a few bags. Soooo good!

I have to admit I got a little emotional watching Tessa Virtue and Scott Moirs gold medal winning performance the other night. Just a little. But then CBC played this montage after they won and I completely lost it. I had to walk away from the tv because I was feeling too emotional (face palm). One of my favourite moments from the Olympic coverage I've watched so far!

I recently discovered Jessie's channel and I've been watching her videos along with all the regular videos that I watch when I get ready for work in the morning. I only 'discovered' her blog/IG, etc. about a month ago when she showed up in the Search & Explore feature on IG and I started following her because of her love of Harry Potter (haha).  Most of the YouTubers that I watch are British and YouTube is their full time job so it's nice to watch someone that's more relatable. She lives in Chicago and works outside of YouTube so she isn't making a fortune off of her videos, thus making her life  more comparable to mine which is why I'm enjoying her videos more than the others lately. 

My workday feels like one prolonged period of waiting to skip the ad before a YouTube video.
I've raved and raved about these makeup wipes before (they're my absolute fav) but when I couldn't find them in Wal-Mart or Target a couple of weeks ago (ughhh) I grabbed these instead and they're an awesome second choice. I have very sensitive skin and I've tried so many different makeup wipes over the years (before I found the Clean & Clear ones) and had to throw most of them away after using them once because they irritated my skin (especially around my eyes) but both of the wipes mentioned above have been great for my skin!

I'm still on my spending freeze when it comes to clothes and accessories (it's actually been surprisingly easy!) with just over a month to go BUT if I wasn't doing this I definitely would have nabbed this and this already. 
Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. Have you found the mint Oreo mini thins? They taste like mini Thin Mints and are sooooooo good.


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